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PornHub posts ‘Russian Court Banned Film’ which features Dark Secret’s of Russian Government

Written by Wamiq Ali

Alexey Navalny an anti-corruption blogger, released a movie featuring certain Russian government officials, the court ruled against Navalny and banned the documentary. But the adult movie giant PornHub took the initiative to post the documentary under SFW category. The video which features corruption among the top Russian government officials, titles “Russian Corrupted Politician F*cked Hard” on PornHub.

The video has Navalny and discusses yachts and properties in Russia and the collusion of them with certain individuals. VKontakte, a Russian social site, PornHub reached Navalny there and told him that they’ve posted the video and he can post more videos on PornHub. Navalny responded with thanks and told them to remake the movie in their own genre. This might help reach more people and will also raise awareness among them about how the government is involved in corruption.

Nivalny getting treatment after he was attacked outside a conference venue in Moscow

The documentary is largely focused on Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Prime Minister. However, Alisher Usmanov a businessman was the one who dragged Navalny in the court. The film revolves around PM and his connections with various businessmen through which he acquired various luxury properties and places in Russia. PM, Medvedev, dismissed the allegations, calling them as mere blames. 

Navalny’s video got millions of views on youtube, and he in a blog post stated, “I’ll not delete the video”. Court has ordered him to take down the video, but Navalny is persistent not to and urges that people of Russia must join him in protest for a corruption free future. It’s worth mentioning that Navalny is also campaigning to be Russian President in next elections but a suspended sentence for fraud prevents him from entering his name in the ballot.

Russia has occasionally banned PornHub and other adult websites, but recently PornHub offered a deal to the watchdog, in that deal they offered watchdog a premium account.

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