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Pop Star Goes on a “No Shaving Mode” and Shares Body with Fans proudly

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A pop star proudly shared pictures with body hair with her fans, which included hair on her armpits, bikini line and stomach. (Sophia Loren on the right in thumbnail of this article)

Siuzanna Varnina, who got famous due to the Ukranian version of X Factor when she was merely 16 year old, has started a debate among her fans online after sharing the pictures on Instagram.

But the pop star, at the age of 23, claims she loves her unique look and quoted Christina Aguilera in a tweet saying: ‘I am beautiful no matter what they say! Words can’t bring me down.

The Ukranian star, who is now a wife and living in Moscow, also shared pictures of the famous Italian actress, singer and adult symbol Sophia Loren, a celebrity who has also displayed off her hairy armpits.

Commenting on Siuzanna’s pictures , one person said: ‘When I look at those hairy armpits, I feel their horrible smell…,

While another commented: ‘Cute girl, but that hairiness provokes disgust.’

But many people have also came forward in the candid pics, writing: ‘She’s so natural, hot and sexy! But only a real man can feel that. Her body’s gorgeous!

Another fan affirmed the comment, adding: ‘She is what she is. And I like that.’ The famous star declined many contracts after rising to fame and then released an indie album.

This a new for of feminist activism, it is seen as rebellion against the general taboo associated with the female body. People who support feminism cherish ones choice of shaving or leaving the hair as a personal choice. But there are many people who discourage female hair and find it disgusting. What do you think about the female body hair? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Image Credits: The Sun | You can visit Siuzanna Varnina Instagram for more of her pictures.

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