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Poor Man chased in the middle of traffic gets hit by a car, goes unconscious & then gets robbed

Written by Wamiq Ali

A video of a poor man running amidst traffic has gone viral. The man was being chased by a group of people when he got hit by a car in the middle of the road. Later, the same group robbed the man of his belongings without any mercy. The background of the video is not yet clear but surely Police will look into the matter and soon we’ll have a detailed report on what caused the tragedy and turned the calamitous situation into an accident.

The white people are getting furious at the video because they think that it’s against the morals of “Black Lives Matter”. The video starts with a group of African-American people chanting the N’word. Then suddenly a running person gets introduced in the video who is being chased down by a group of other people. The most people in the video can be seen to be African-American. We aren’t directly putting a blame on the African-American community instead we are merely describing the people view in this regard.  So, the man being chased down in the video was so out of his mind that he got hit by a car in the middle of the road. The people can be heard shouting in horror after they saw the man hitting a running vehicle. 

The general code of conduct in such situations is to help the man who got run over by a car. Something different than this can be seen in the video. The group of people chasing, mobbed the unconscious man, and then stole all his belongings. Watch the video for further details and make sure to share the video, maybe we can find the relatives of this man through social media?

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