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Poor man awarded $870,000 after doctor removes wrong testicle

Written by Wamiq Ali

Leading a healthy life takes a lot of patience and self-control. 90% of times a healthy life leads to lesser suffering because the body gets what it deserves and remains in shape. The rest 10% of cases involve other reasons of getting sick. The case which we are going to discuss falls in the other 10%. This Pennsylvania got his wrong testicle removed and became rich afterwards.

A jury of 11 women was made to decide about Steven Haines, 54-year-old, whose wrong testicle got removed in a surgical operation rather than the diagnosed one. Haines was suffering from chronic pain in his right testicle for quite a long time. He visited doctors and they tried several treatments but in the end, doctors suggested him its removal through surgery. The hospital they suggested was J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania.

Dr V Spencer Long, 77-year-old

Dr V. Spencer Long was the urologist of the Haines who while performing surgery, unfortunately, removed the healthy testicle rather than the unhealthy one. Long wrote in the post-operative report:

It appeared that the left testicle and cord may actually have been removed instead of the right one.

The report was presented before the court to give an honest decision.The wrong testicle removal was later confirmed by the medical staff.

Haines was given damages of worth $620,000 and was also given $250,000 in punitive damages against Long. Lawyer of Haines says that his client remains in constant fear to undergo another surgery. If in another surgery the diagnosed testicle gets removed too then Haines have to put faith in testosterone replacement therapy for the rest of the life.

Pennlive reported that the doctor Long is no longer performing surgeries. The punishment for not performing surgeries is something good because it will make sure that more people remain safe.

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