Politician caught lying on Twitter, says, ‘parents left her as kid’ & past 2014-tweet said otherwise

Written by Wamiq Ali

Politicians and social media can be difficult to understand. Social media is unpredictable as well as the politicians. This time, a politician running for Congress made a mistake on Twitter. She had made two tweets of opposite nature on Twitter and then people took it seriously an offense.

Brianna Wu tweeted in 2017 about her parents leaving her homeless. The tweet actually is present on the twitter website and shows her hate for her parents since they had left her homeless. As a kid, living with parents is the greatest gift and the tweet she made told the opposite. In the tweet she also wrote her agenda, fighting for the rights of the kids.

Someone reminded her of the old tweet, where she had mentioned the parents giving her money. As she had now talked about fighting for the rights of the kids. She replied to that person and told him that her parents left her only after giving her the money, not before that, but a lot of people didn’t believe her again.

So, the major allegation on Brianna Wu is of lying on the Twitter. People think that in 2014 when she tweeted about receiving money from the parents as an adult was a truth. Though the recent tweet said otherwise, it indicated that parents had left her as a kid and she always felt homeless. The two tweets don’t match up and this made the twitter users worried about her credibility.

Now, there is an obvious difference in a tweet. Whether to trust the lady or not is your own decision. We aren’t involved in politics and we merely want good people to be our leaders.Wu is known to be a video game developer and it was the first time in her life when she ran for an elected seat. May be she forgot about the tweet made in 2014?

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