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Police officers enter wrong house, kill the wrong man with no active warrants out for his arrest

Written by Wamiq Ali

Southaven officers enter the wrong house which resulted in the death of a wrong person. The man had no active warrants out for his arrest.

Tate County documents showed that Samuel Pearman was wanted for domestic assault. The police wanted to arrest this person and they went to his house at Surrey Lane. Unfortunately, the police didn’t show up to the right house.

They didn’t have enough attention to re-analyse the house address. Quite embarrassing mistake done by the police department“, said the attorney Murray Wells who represents the affected family. Ismael Lopez and his wife were the ones who got affected due to the police ending up at the wrong place.

Pearson, on the other hand, claimed that he didn’t do any thing wrong. “They made me out to be something I’m not, I haven’t hurt her. She’s the one who slapped me.“, said Pearson.

Ismael Lopez and his wife Claudia Linares were both asleep when Police arrived. Linares said that her husband went to the door and soon after that she heard gunshots. At the moment she reached her husband but he was already dead for something which he hadn’t done in his life.

Their attorney examined the bullet holes and they seemed to be shot through the door. Officers who appeared at Lopez home that night claimed that Lopez had a weapon and he resisted dropping it and as a result, he shouted. However, neighbours claim something different, they said that they didn’t hear any noise other than the gunshots.

The shot door

Wells, their attorney said, “There was a gun on the premises, but the man did not have the gun with him when police shot him.” The police said so just to save themselves from the grave consequences.

Well, this can happen to everyone and Lopez wife should get a justice.

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