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Police officer in trouble after being caught punching & threatening to ‘choke the life out’ of suspect

Written by Wamiq Ali

A police officer caught a suspect and started to punch him in the face. He also threatened to choke the life out of suspect during the beating. Officer got immediately suspended and relieved of the badge. The conduct was treated as a bad example of torture.

Joseph Bogard, a police officer, had his badge and weapon revoked for the misconduct with Timothy Davis in Ohio, USA. His misconduct and torture were recorded on the camera and the video evidence stirred the odds against the officer.  Joseph Bogard, 32-year-old, was placed under investigation as torturous video emerged online.

On September 1, Timothy Davis was arrested by Joseph Bogard. The video shows Bogard slinging punches at the suspect. The officer was also recorded threatening the suspect that he would ‘arm-bar’ him. After some time, the video also recorded the officer yelling, ‘if that isn’t going to work than I’m going to choke the life out of you.’

The police announced an internal investigation of the misconduct case. The police chief said that the officer has been released from his duty. Police have detained the officer’s gun and badge until they are sure about his behaviour on streets. The police officer has worked for the Police department of Ohio for about four years. 

Town’s mayor said, “I applaud the chief’s action to take away this officer’s weapon and badge.” The suspect was arrested for resisting arrest and outstanding warrants. The family of the suspect said that the police acted brutally in his case.

The video has been taken from the body cam of the police officers involved in the arrest of the suspect. The video is a clear proof of the misconduct and torture.

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