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Police officer fired who handcuffed, dragged nurse in video after she refused to draw patient’s blood

The police officer got fired who manhandled a nurse after she refused to draw blood from an unconscious patient. Jeff Payne was filmed through his own body camera dragging and handcuffing a nurse in an unusual way. Victim Alex Wubbles was terrified since she was only doing her duty as a nurse.

The officer finally got fired because he got convicted of taking the situation into his own hands in an unusual way. The dramatic footage showed Nurse Wubbles taken out of the medical facility handcuffed into the Police patrol car parked outside, while she was shouting, “I did nothing wrong.

The University of Utah nurse was ordered to take out some blood as a sample from one of her patients. The patient was in coma and police threatened the nurse not to be an element of impedance in the patient’s investigation. The nurse on contrary refused to draw the blood of a patient in a coma.

The video showed Ms Wubbles telling the officers about the patient’s rights. The entire story beefed up in favour of Wubbles after the video was released online and a lot of people started to lambaste the police officer over his out of the order behaviour. She even showed the officers an agreement between the hospital and Salt Lake Police Department, which stated that the police has no right to take a patient’s blood unless they have his consent or an arrest warrant against him. The situation was different than the agreement’s SOPs.

Nurse getting manhandled for refusal to police

Today the officer involved in manhandling the nurse got fired since he had earned a bad name for the company. Seven members of the Salt Lake City’s council have already extended their apologies to the nurse. She was merely trying to do her job when she got arrested without any proper charges in place.

Later in an interview, the nurse said, “The only job I have as a nurse is to keep my patients safe. A blood draw – it gets thrown around there like it’s some simple thing – but blood is your blood, it’s your property.

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