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Police hunting for pranksters who shot from window to imitate Las Vegas shooter

Written by Wamiq Ali

We all are aware of the Las Vegas incident which made the entire nation gloomy and freaked. The real motives of the Shooter which was behind this incident are not yet clear. The police are currently investigating the case and they cannot find any historical criminal activity of the deceased shooter. Even though close ones of the shooter have never seen him angry over anything.

As the investigation continuous a group of stupid lads decide to play a prank. These guys decided to emotionally distress the people without thinking about the consequences. This dude, the front man, thinks that he can gain some popularity on the internet by pulling off this prank. I cannot understand his point behind this stupid video.

He shared the video of him being a stupid guy and a moron and now the people want to find out his identity and they are willing to give him to the police. I think this is what he deserves!

Now this dude could have pulled another prank using fake guns but all he could think was to imitate a tragedy the Las Vegas incident. It is never a good idea to imitate a tragedy and to make people think about it again. The dude made a mistake and now he’s going to pay for it.

This news was covered by Unilad and they wrote that a man shoots at random pedestrians from window imitating Vegas attack. He tried to shoot at people through a hotel window.

In the video the guy can be seen shooting at the innocent people and threatening the general public. Young man empties several bullets taking aim at random people.

You better watch the video below and give your precious comments.

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