Police forces come face to face with tribe blamed for taking missionary’s life

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The authorities have taken action against the Indian tribe which was accused of taking the life of a missionary. This news was covered a few days back, Indian Tribe who Took the life of a Missionary can be wiped out. This story made headlines as the world wants the remaining local tribes in isolated places not to be touched by external invaders. They wants this culture to be preserved. This missionary lost his life when he used the local sailors to reach the North Sentinel Island. He reportedly wanted to preach Christianity to the people living on the island. Allen Chau, a missionary, was last seen on the island before local tribes thinking him a threat took his life.

The local police had witnessed using binoculars local tribesmen carrying arrows and bows

According to the police, they believe that Mr. Chau had last visited the local tribe. The tribesmen were holding bows and arrows According to some sources, this weapon was used to take the life of the missionary.

The only problem is that the area is a no-go for the outside world. The police wants to take the body of Mr. Chau. However, they are facing problems in shape of resistance from the local tribe. The police wanted to avoid confrontation thus they moved their boat once they observed the tribesmen carrying bows and arrows through the binoculars. Police is trying hard to avoid disruption in the life of the Sentinelese. This is a pre-neolithic tribe whose island is off-limits to outsiders. 

What is the police going to do next is not sure, however here is a situation, if it gets escalated then the entire tribe can be wiped out.

The culture preservation agencies want the tribe to remain safe

As the news of the missionary who lost his life spread. The preservation agencies want that the outsiders don’t enter the area to spoil the tribesmen. This recent loss of life has made these agencies worried about the future of the Indian island. This is one of the world’s last uncontacted island. The language and customs of this island are still largely unknown to the outside world which makes it one of the precious cultures.

The Fishermen who assisted Mr. Chau to the island recorded their statement to the police. They said that they observed the tribe burying some body on the beach. The think that it could be the body of Mr. Chau.

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