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Police ends up playing Super Smash Bros. after responding to noise complaint

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People don’t find it a good omen when police knocks at the door. The law enforcement officials are not taken as one of the friendly people. Many people try to avoid police at best – as police has official business to be an executive and enforce the law. However after going through this story the readers might realise that not every cop is all work and no play. This has been proven by these dudes who had to respond to a noise complaint but they ended up playing Super Smash Bros.

The story has been well covered by NowThis on their official Twitter. If someone wants to avoid reading the playing the below video is going to benefit such a person.

Jovatne M Williams shared the story on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

This guy who was with those cops went on to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to explain what had happened. He wrote, “So neighbours called the cops on us and now we fighting them… In Smash Bros.” He was interviewed by Yahoo when this news got viral, he explained that he had arrived at his friend’s home the same time when the cops had arrived.

He said that the neighbours had called the police as they had complained about the noise. Later they started playing the game on mute. He further added that his friends were adults and they drank sometimes but never caused any trouble to others. He said, “Lately, we’ve been playing our games on mute; we don’t want to bother anyone.” The group had been playing the Nintendo game Super Bros when the cops had arrived at door.

When the cops arrived the boys explained to them the nature of their game. The cops asked, “How do you jump?” Then the boys explained and everyone started to play game instead.

Cops can be seen playing the game

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