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Police dept apologises for viral “Elsa Arrested”, because of cold weather, post

A police department in the US has apologised for making a post on the Elsa arrest. As everyone knows that Polar Vortex has entered America and the northern parts of the country are facing severe cold. Many people are sharing their funny incidents on the internet because of the severe weather. One woman shared her frozen hair as she stepped out in the cold weather. There are casualties which were observed because of this severe weather. Amidst all this chaos and enjoyment, a mixed state, the McLean police department arrested Elsa. The department decided to arrest Elsa and blame her for causing all the cold, because they wanted to create a prank post on their Facebook page.

Those who haven’t seen the movie in which Elsa character appeared, then they should know that Elsa is a princess who struggles to control her powers. This character has certain powers in the movie which help her create talking snowmen, build ice castles and turn an entire region into freezer. In an attempt to soothe the people as every one was suffering from the cold weather, the McLean police department decided to make a post regarding Elsa arrest. Just have a look at the screenshot of their post.

They wanted to make the post for humorous reasons, little did they know that this would backfire. It backfired, because the weather conditions are pretty dangerous and a lot of people have faced turmoil because of the severe cold. Fox Carolina had reported that a 55yo man lost his life due to extreme cold as he stepped outside to shovel some ice. There were people who also pointed out the source of the pictures, as one person wrote, “These photos were taken around 4 years ago in South Carolina. Jeeze, even police are stealing the credit for someone else’s work.” Later, it was found that these pictures were taken in another state. This stunt was pulled off with the help of an events company Glass Slipper Productions. However, as people blamed the McLean police for stealing something, the owner of the events company say that they were actually inspired by police in Kentucky to perform such a stunt. Later, the McLean police dept issued an apology.

ATTENTION: Good morning. Apparently there has been an uproar of our most recent post of an Elsa character being taking into custody. Please note, we posted these pictures along with an explanation in reference to the very severe/dangerous cold weather that we are experiencing in Illinois. The pictures were actually taken by Hanahan Police Department in South Carolina that we found on the internet…we were looking for pictures to show how cold it was getting and wanted to do something to rise up everyone’s spirit…we cant take credit for the pictures…sorry about the confusion.

The post further read that they had no intention to steal the credits.

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