Police department warning, “If your kid is buying this stuff for chemistry class, he’s lying”, goes viral

Written by Wamiq Ali

Police are taking steps on Facebook to help people weed out naughty kids. A recent post by Police in Arizona got viral on Facebook which warns parents about the potential weed stuff which kids might be buying in the name of their chemistry class. The police claimed in the post that if any kid is buying this stuff for the chemistry class then he is lying.

The post got a lot of attention by Facebook users. The same photo was uploaded on Twitter as well, to make everyone aware. The post contained various drug articles which kids might be buying.

If your kid tells you they need any of these items for chemistry class, they are lying #BackToSchoolShopping #IDontThinkSo #ThursdayThoughts, said the police on social media.

The post went viral instantly. It went viral on both Facebook and Twitter. It received around 150k likes and 85k shares. The parents also became a bit more aware because of the post. Someone commented, if their kids would do something like this, they’d need to be more productive and genius.

This reminded me of the Mr White chemistry class. Also, the fine blue substance which Mr White created in all the series, Breaking Bad. Then he planted everything for his advantage and for sake of his family.

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