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Police are caught on tape allegedly planting drugs in an innocent man’s car

Written by Wamiq Ali

Police in New Jersey has been caught red handed allegedly planting drugs in an innocent person car. The video emerged online which shows two Cops talking to each other and then one among them takes a packet of drugs in his hands in order to plant it in the victim’s car. He with that packet then walks towards the car opens up the back trunk and looks here and there mysteriously in order to have a check on the surroundings.

The video recorder adds his comments and also erratically shoots the video. He is seemingly afraid of getting caught up recording the police men doing some of shady stuff. At one moment he thought that one of the cops saw him recording the video, so he instantly pulled away the camera.

Now we are not familiar with much details at the moment, these two Cops are allegedly planting some evidence against the victim. The only word of mouth which we have present at this very moment is of the video uploader.

Watch the video below and watch it carefully maybe you might be able to see it from another angle.

Now we are not sure that if these two Cops are planting some evidence then what are they actually doing? Top comment under the video gave the most popular opinion, he said that the promotion of Cops is dependent upon their performance. The higher the number of arrests they make, the more are the chances of their promotion. So he actually gave his opinion that these two cops and hunting for some promotion.

Someone also pointed out the authority complex of the cops, like they always want to assert their opinion and they also want to act like a boss. Since they know the law so much that often they get blinded by the difference between right and wrong.

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