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Police caught on camera hitting a parked car, but still held the car’s owner responsible for accident

Written by Wamiq Ali

Justice can be sometimes hard to get and quite same happened to this woman whose legally parked car got hit by an officer. The footage was recorded in a CCTV camera but still, police were insistent that the woman was liable for the accident.

Danielle Allen, a St. Louis City resident, felt quite uncomfortable when she was held responsible for her car damage. On July 26 her parked car was hit by a Police car. According to her, the police car sideswiped her parked car, in front of her house. “My car was parked legally in front of and the police officer sideswiped it, stopped, then circled back a few times,” said Allen according to Fox2Now. She said that it was a hit and run case.

The video of the accident was released. If we watch the video clearly and closely, a police car actually approaches the Danielle car, 2004 Maxima, and hits the side body and mirror. It then knocks off the mirror. The woman said that she wouldn’t have known the reason of accident, but all thanks to the home security cameras which captured the incident.

We reviewed the cameras, a good six hours’ worth, and noticed the police officer was the only one to come that close and make contact with in my video,” said the Allen. She called the police after finding the reason of the accident. She thought that the Police would pay the damages and she’d be okay to get her car repaired. Though, something opposite of nature happened. The police didn’t hold themselves liable for the accident.

Danielle Allen approached the media to show them the video. Fox2 News approached the police department and they said that they’ll have another look on the video. The woman later wasn’t found guilty and the police department took the responsibility of the crash. The woman was paid $2,400 for the damages.

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