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Police called on Ohio 12yo cutting neighbour’s grass; now his business is booming

Lucky for this 12-year-old kid who was reported to police for cutting neighbour’s grass. The kid was trying to make some extra money to support himself through the summers. He came across an entrepreneurial idea and started cutting neighbour’s grass for some bucks.

The incident happened at Maple Heights, Ohio. While the kid was cutting the neighbour’s grass, police were called on him. A neighbour complained to the police that the kid had cut his lawn grass which was against his home premises.

The news broke out and made its way to the internet for obvious reasons. People did not like the activity of the neighbour who attempted to blame the kid for cutting the lawn’s grass knowingly. They started supporting the kid on Facebook. The kid went viral along with his case.

Thus, a story of police report ended into causing more fame for the little kid. The kid, Fields, gets up with the sun and starts his business of cutting grass. He equally serves all the neighbours in his community. Once the post went viral on Facebook, Fields started getting requests from far off places.

People started to inbox Fields trying to hire him for their grass cutting activity. The kid hopes that he is going to save this money and use it wisely. He plans to further use this money for expanding the business.

Just give me a class, I’ll be there – says Fields in response to his growing popularity in the grass cutting business.

The kid was cutting grass for Lucille Holt and on Facebook, Mr. Holt wrote that according to police, the same neighbour is known for calling the authorities for small matters. Mr. Holt further added that calling police, on a kid trying to financially run through summers, was not a good act. He said that he might go to the city council to report the unjust incident.

Here is the video which Lucille Holt Posted:

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