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Playboy model fakes her kidnapping & abuses a former kidnapping victim while asking $10,700 ransom

Written by Wamiq Ali

A former Playboy model has been sentenced behind the bars only because she played a cruel joke of her kidnapping. She faked her own kidnapping for fun purpose and abused a former kidnapping victim who happened to be her friend. She asked the ransom of her kidnapping and the abused victim could remember her own time in misery when she was kidnapped. She got emotionally abused by her own friend.

The fake kidnapping case involves Angelica Harte and accomplice Darren Fitzpatrick and these both sent a photograph of a hand with a finger cut off to the victim as a warning. Police took the threat quite seriously and raided the suspected house and all they could find was perfectly fine Angelica. She was alive & well and wasn’t in any difficulty. 

The following threat was made to the victim, “If you want to see Angel, leave £5,000 ($6,700) in a duffel bag at New Street Station. Every hour that you are late she loses a finger.” The victim got extremely concerned about the well being of Angelica. She could remember how she was tortured when she was kidnapped in the past. She didn’t want Angelica to go through same.

The picture sent had four fingers extended with one finger curled back, only to give the impression of a missing finger. Birmingham Crown Court heard the entire case and declared the couple guilty. The victim asked the Angelica to be brought on video and the fake kidnappers sent her a video of a woman begging and weeping for help.

At no stage, there was an attempt made to declare this entire plot as a joke. Threats like this were increasing, “If you want f—king blood I will show you f–king blood.” The ransom money was raised to $10,700.

So, the couple got charged with blackmail and both of them admitted sending threatening messages only to cause distress. Fitzpatrick was sentenced to 9 months and Angelica to 7 months.

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