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Pizza hotel manager chokes & attacks woman customer, gets caught on camera

Written by Wamiq Ali

This was one hell of an assault. I was not expecting the video filmed at a Pizza Restaurant to take such an intriguing turn. The guy can clearly be seen in the video assaulting a woman customer. This female customer apparently tried to talk or argue with the manager. It looked like that the manager was already used to the idea of using force on his customers. Let’s not bring the gender or race in this article. The employees of the hotel didn’t try to stop the guy from attacking the woman, it might be true that something similar used to happen in this Pizza Milano branch and that is why the employees present at the scene didn’t take quite a notice.

Unlucky for the Pizza Management that the video of the entire brawl got filmed and it was released on the Internet. We all know that anything can go viral if people feel some sort of connection with the content. So, in the same way, this video too went viral after it got uploaded on the Facebook. Now, people are kind of outraged on the hotel management for attacking and assaulting a barehanded customer who happened to be a female. The absurd part of this entire video is the temperament of the hotel’s manager. Running any public thing requires quite a lot of patience and experience to handle anger. This manager hardly has any experience to keep a cap on his anger.

The manager of the Uptown Pizza shop was caught on the Camera blasting a female customer. People didn’t like the outrage which he caused and they started protesting against the restaurant. A lot of customers have already boycotted the place and looks like everyone is affirmative towards the collapse of the pizza establishment which has been serving customers with pizza since ages. A group of protestors after watching the video already gathered at the venue against the restaurant. They wanted the business to get closed down for good.

Mahmut Yilmaz was caught physically assaulting a 34-year-old Jade Martin. She told the police that she had visited the restaurant to use their restroom/bathroom.

Jade Martin

Jade Martin had no idea that she might get beaten up after she had decided to use the restroom of the nearby restaurant. 

When you are in this neighborhood and you don’t value the people who built it, the people who are spending their dollars in this neighborhood, then we don’t want you here – said a protestor named Nicky Jo Dawson

Yilmaz said that the woman was loud and disruptive. She refused to leave when asked to leave the private property of the pizza restaurant. Martin currently faces defiant trespass and disorderly conduct charges in the incident.

The manager is under the investigation and he is about to be charged with simple and aggravated assault. The following statement was released by the owner of the Pizza Milano:

Pizza Milano has a 20-year history of being part of Pittsburgh’s Uptown community. That’s why what happened this past Friday is so disturbing to me, to our customers and to our employees. After reviewing the videotape, I immediately terminated the manager’s employment and condemn his actions in the strongest way possible. Regardless of what led up to the exchange, what he did goes against our policies and my beliefs. It’s not the way we run our business, and our customers need to know that. We have cooperated fully with the police investigation from the beginning and will continue to do so.

The protestors affected other Pizza Milano shops which have the similar name spreading across the Pittsburgh area.

Watch the video of the incident as Jade Martin got beaten up!

The below is the compiled clipping of the entire accident which happened in the Pizza Milano shop.

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