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After Samsung’s Problems, Google steps in to Beat iPhone with Pixel

For years it is an unsaid fact that there is only one preeminent brand that can compete with the strong market of Apple’s iPhone and that is Samsung. The apparent rival of iPhone 7 Plus was Note 7. We all knew the hype, it had all the new features that were exciting and unique. But the Samsung stopped manufacturing the device after they were unable to resolve the explosion problem even after worldwide-recall. Thus, there was a competition gap and Google stepped in with it’s Pixel.

Google has been working for long with the manufacturing companies to keep the nexus device in market. But this is the first phone ever, that is completely built by Google. So we will put Pixel XL head to head with the latest iPhone 7 Plus for a proper comparison.

Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus

1) Display

Both of the phones have 5.5 inch display, which makes them a direct competitors in the market of bigger phones. The resolution on Pixel XL is 1440p while in iPhone 7 Plus it’s 1080p. On paper that seems like a huge difference but at general viewing distance you won’t be able to tell much difference but if you are into virtual reality you should consider Pixel XL. However, iPhone does have a plus side with its 3D touch which is a Plus (pun intended). The Pixel XL has an AMOLED display as compared to iPhone’s LED-backlit display, which means Pixel XL has more vibrant colors.


2) Weight

That does not make much of a difference but the XL (168g) is 20g lighter than the iPhone 7 Plus (188g).


3) Built

Both of the devices have Aluminium Unibody, however, iPhone 7 Plus provides a wider range of color choices and iPhone is also IP67 certified. Which means that it is water and dust resistant. The design is quite different from each other but both of the devices give a premium feel in the hand.


4) Internals

The iPhone 7 Plus is packed with A10 Fusion Quad-core 64 bit M10 motion coprocessor and 3GB RAM, while Pixel XL is packed with Snapdragon 821 Quad-core 64 Bit 4GB RAM. XL is actually the first device to have Snapdragon 821, the device is quite snappy. Both of the devices don’t have much difference when it comes to speed, as a matter of fact both of the devices are the fastest devices in the market at the moment.


5) Storage

The iPhone comes with three different storage options with the different amount of money. The base version is 32GB and then there are 128GB and 256. With Pixel XL, you get 32GB and 128GB plus the unlimited backup for images and video. With iCloud you get only 5GB of online storage and anything more than that costs extra money.


6) Camera

Both of the devices have impressive cameras. If you like to shoot portraits and that’s what matters to you most, the iPhone 7 Plus is an obvious choice. But if brighter colors, sharper detail throughout the backgrounds of photos and capable low-light photography is more important, then the Pixel XL is an obvious choice for you.


7) OS

At the moment both of the devices are running the latest OSes from their respective platforms i.e Android 7.1 on Pixel and iOS 10.0.2.


8) Battery

Pixel XL has a 3450 mAh non-removable battery as compared to 2900 mAh battery on the iPhone 7 Plus. The plus side of Pixel XL is that it supports fast charging.



At the end of the day, it is like comparing apple and oranges. Both of the phones have some remarkable features and have no drawbacks in any way. I personally prefer android over iOS but that is my personal opinion. To be quite honest, I find it a waste of time to fight over which one is your favorite. I say pick the one which is your cup of tea.


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