Pixar’s short film vis-a-vis animal abuse is making everyone emotional

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Animals are a real part of our lives, they have played a vital role in sustaining the lifestyle of humans for centuries. The load carrying animals have helped humans move things from one place to another while the animals which are farmed have helped humans cope up with their protein and meat needs in life. A movie released by Disney Pixar which is about the animal rights has made everyone emotional. This will make the watchers go to their local rescue center for the animals in an attempt to adopt some as pets.

The story features the life of a dog which had been abused its entire life. It shows the passage of the dog’s recovery after it comes across an unlikely pal, a tiny, wide-eyed alley cat. The story of the pitbull starts with a human owner who keeps him chained to a concrete slab. The owner keeps his dog in the same place for all the seasons without caring for the winter. The pets need a warm place to reside when the weather becomes cold but this dog owner simply ignores all the needs of his pet. 

The story shows an unlikely connection between two different creatures of different needs and anatomy which forms because both of them are in dire circumstances. This connection sparks after both of them face the same conditions.

The dog after facing years of harsh behavior and thrown for the fights becomes more and more distant from his emotional and amicable self. Until, one cat after being fearful of the dog, initially, watches a good point in the inner-self of the man’s best friend. The cat helps him escape the tyranny. The viewing public has hailed the story.

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