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Pilot less air-taxi takes a test flight in Vienna

Vienna is popular for so many reason, and this time it’s about a test flight of an air-taxi which took place there; as this taxi would cost $336,000 in price. It’s definitely a perfect demonstration of the advancement in science and technology. The years of hard work which was done by many individuals has made the engineers capable enough to device cool things like an air-taxi.

This was a joint collaboration of Austrian aerospace company FACC and the Chinese partner AVIC. They flew their drone at Vienna’s Generali Arena. They called this drone as EHand 216 which circled in the air briefly, later it came down after taking a flight of few minutes. According to the co-founder of the EHand, Derrick Xiong, the drone is ready for the commercial preparation and distribution.

Pilotless taxi would offer critical services in critical times

This drone would be utilised for many purposes, like offering a short distance commute this can be used by passengers and patients. Often times, the road blocks can’t be avoided, this drone would be helpful in such times. The company claims that it has tested the drone in different conditions and they have also obtained production orders.

EHang had entered a strategic partnership with FACC in order to complete its dream of the production. They have joined the race of new kind of air borne vehicles which don’t need runway for taking off.

The air-taxi has a good capacity of carrying passengers

This drone can carry two passengers at a time. It weighs up to 340 kg and can fly at a good speed of 150 km per hour. It can remain in the air for almost an hour, which makes it cover a distance of 150 km on average. The FACC CEO said that its average travel distance is 50-70 kilometers which highly depends on the payload. 

Daily Mail team examined the inside space for the passengers, they found that for tall passengers the space might not be adequate and they might have to compromise on the sitting comfort.

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