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Pics digitally altered to make models look thinner must now carry a warning, as per new “French Law”

Written by Wamiq Ali

Photographers in France will not be able to alter images without adding a warning label. A recent law in France prohibits photographers to digitally alter images to make models look thinner. French government and parliament took this step only after increasing cases of anorexia, a disorder in which a person reduces his weight to dangerous limits.

The warning added must be ‘touched up‘. A good step was taken by France to fight anorexia. Unlike other countries doctoring the photographs is being taken as a health issue in France. Models all over the world are forced with the fake standards of beauty. France government deplored these fake standards and considered them as ‘faux pas’.

If in any case the photographer or digital retoucher forgets to add warning label “photographie retouchée” on the photographs then he will be fined €37,500 or 30% of the cost of creating the advertisement. Health Minister in France is hopeful that such a warning will help reduce the tendency of young people towards anorexia.

Israel had previously passed a similar law to foil the spread of stupid beauty standards. France has also prompted Getty Images, a US-based website, to ban any creative content depicting models whose body shape has been retouched to make them look thinner. France dislike for fat people is well known, Gabrielle Deydier, the author of “You Aren’t Born Fat” was rejected from a  job because a colleague objected to her obesity. They think that fatter people have lower IQ.

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