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Photographer wins $1 million after suing wedding couple who refused to pay $150

Written by Wamiq Ali

A wedding photographer won a law suit against a couple who refused to pay additional $150. Andrea Polito got angry on the couple when they launched a public campaign against the photographer defaming her for charging $150 for the wedding photos album.

This happened in 2015 when Andrea was hired as a wedding photographer. Andrew and Neely Moldovan were getting married and they hired a photographer for $6000. Things went downhill when additional charges costing $150 were asked by the wedding photographer for photos album cover. The couple insisted that the wedding cover was meant to be given with the photos for free. Andrea Polito refused to give the CD of photos since she wasn’t getting paid for the album cover which she provided with the photos.


NBC 5 had covered this story back in 2015. The couple went ahead and started an online campaign defaming the photographer. The photographer said that NBC 5 aired her story too quickly. She already had offered the couple a free album cover but instead they decided to defame her business. She said that the bride went forward and started sharing the story to other media outlets and social media sites. If she were that emotional about the additional cost then she would have stayed calm instead of making all the noise and seeking media attention, added Andrea Polito.

The bride started to brag about the upcoming major news story. Statements like, “Her business gets ruined”, “I hope this goes viral”, from the bride doesn’t make things look the right way.

The couple as aired by NBC 5

Later in 2015, Andrea Polito filed a lawsuit worth $1 million against the couple. She accused the couple of defamation, business disparagement, tortious interference with other customers and civil conspiracy.

Last Friday, the case was heard and a jury gave a verdict against the couple awarding photographer $1 million for wrongfully hurting her business through the online campaign. The jury announced the campaign against the photographer as false and malicious.

The photographer attorney told media that publicly lying and online harassment isn’t acceptable. You can read Andrea’s open letter in her blog post: Read Andreas open letter to Public regarding the issue

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