PewDiePie overtaken as most subscribed YouTube channel for roughly eight minutes

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YouTube has given people a chance to upload their videos without needing to spend anything. It has given people the exposure which was required, today people don’t need any sort of TV to get some recognition, if they have some talent then they can get an audience over YouTube which is a huge change which internet has brought for the people. There are numerous benefits of the internet and YouTube is one of those benefits. Recently, Swedish YouTube video maker was challenged for having the maximum number of subscribers on YouTube. The guy has dominated the video streaming service for years in terms of subscribers. People find his let’s play commentaries and comedic vlogs as amazing and worth watching.

It would be safe to call this guy PewDiePie as the first one to show that a living can be made from recording and uploading videos. He showed the world that a home career could be a lucrative one. Later, he inspired many influencers to join in the same business. However, this time he has to work hard in order to remain at the top. Last Friday, PewDiePie was kicked off from the top spot after an Indian channel crossed the maximum number of subscribers on the YouTube. This Indian channel operates with the title T-Series which uploads songs and movie trailers of the upcoming Bollywood/Indian movies. Spokesperson from SocialBlade decided to comment on this situation which has surprised everyone as T-Series crossed PewDiePie in terms of subscribers.

For roughly 8 minutes, as a result of a YouTube audit, T-Series was ahead of PewDiePie (by a max of about 2000 [subscribers]).

Mashable claimed that an automatic audit had hit the channel of PewDiePie which made him suffer and lose around 20k followers. This was a lucky call for the T-Series as it got an opportunity to cross the number of subscribers of PewDiePie.

YouTube – those sly son of a guns! – decided to delete 20,000 subscribers immediately from my channel.
The sub gap was at 22,000 and then very quickly, they took over! T-Series actually passed PewDiePie in subscribers for ten minutes. Ten excruciatingly painful minutes.
But it was necessary. Because now they got a taste of what it means to be number one. And that’s all you’re ever going to get, T-Series! (said PewDiePie)

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