Perfect! The Simpsons renewed for two more seasons

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There is a good news for the fans of the Simpsons who love the cartoon series. It has been renewed for two more seasons and this has brought happiness to a lot of people. The Fox okays Seasons 31 and 32 for those who want to watch more of the animated series, ‘The Simpsons’. The show is much anticipated and it’s much popular among its viewers.

Simpsons picked for season 31 and 32 by Fox

According to the Variety, the Fox Network has taken up the responsibility to produce the 31st and 32nd season of the Simpsons. This announcement was made on Wednesday. When the season 32 would end this would mean that it has produced 713 episodes in total. It’s worth knowing that after the 32nd season, the show would become the longest-running primetime scripted show. It’s quite interesting that the show had many times predicted quite bizarre things, from personal life of Donald Trump to Disney buying Fox. The Simpsons earned quite an interesting spot in the life of its viewers because of these strange predictions. It’s quite exciting to think if the next two seasons would have any predictions.

A little background of the Simpsons – Walking up the ladder of fame

It took years for the show to build and maintain its reputation. It was not an easy ride for the show producers and directors. This animated sitcom chose quite a sensitive topic which most show producers fail to cover in a meaningful manner. It is about the antics of a dysfunctional family. A show become popular when it resonates with the life of common people, unless it has something connecting with the normal life, it never gains popularity. Simpsons at many times resonated with the life of general public. Homer is an unhealthy beer loving father while Marge is a hardworking homemaker wife. Lisa is an unappreciated 8yo genius while Bart is a perpetual 10yo underachiever. The show features this family and because of the diversity it has become the longest running show on the television with 30 seasons and other two in pipeline. According to the viewers, the show is a perfect mirror of American culture.

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