Perfect moment as Liverpool fan describes Mohamed Salah’s goal to his blind cousin

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Internet is mostly about good things. The selection of good and bad is quite relative and mostly depends on the person using the internet. Liverpool match created quite a viral story of the day when Mohamed Salah scored a goal against Napoli. This was quite a vital Champions League goal which meant a lot to the audience. One video went viral particularly when a person described the goal to his blind cousin. There was something special about this moment. It would be the most positive thing undoubtedly for the viewers to watch on the internet, as for today.

Liverpool fans cheer with all the might, until they notice this one blind person

It was all about the goal, everyone was happy and jumping in joy. Until everything faded out when they noticed a blind man being told the happening of the goal. The shift was moved from the goal to the happiness of the blind person. The Liverpool fans were no more celebrating the lead which they obtained against Napoli but they were happy with the happiness of the blind man.

This video which has been shared by DailyMail has been making rounds on the internet.

When the video was shared on the internet, it instantly became a viral hit. Everyone was sharing the video on the social media. Football has gained quite a lot of fans from all around the globe, especially Brazil, since it’s national game of Brazil.

Fans were quick to notice that football brought people together

Stadium is one place where no one is thinking about ethnicity and other differential preferences, instead everyone is focused on the game. When the video was shared by people of different regions, the fans observed that football somehow was bringing people together. The video also showed something similar when everyone was cheering on the goal.

Blind man looks pretty happy when the goal was described to him by his cousin

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