People tricked into buying $20 worth of shoes for hundreds of dollars at a fake luxury store

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Payless has pretty much tricked a lot of people for buying cheap shoes worth $20 for hundreds of dollars. This one stunt pulled by Payless after creating a fake luxury brand was a good experiment which showed that people could be quite lame when it comes to endorsements from popular and influential people. What it means it that endorsements from powerful people about something can trick common people to think that the particular thing is plain perfect, however case can be different as shown by Payless.

Payless teaches fashion influencers a lesson

Basically Payless went forwards with an idea of opening a fake luxury store. The launch party was held at Los Angeles for the bogus label of Palessi. No one might have heard this label before. People who got invitations were a lot of social media influencers, those who had millions of following. The company later shared a video on the social media to let everyone know what had happened in detail.

People were willing to pay $400 and $500 for the shoes which would have been normally available for merely $20 or more. Shoppers even called those shoes amazing and according to the newer fashion trends. Even a VIP shopper paid $645 for a pair of shoes which would have normally been bought for merely $35. They were unable to tell a difference between a brand shoe and a shoe which was inexpensive.

Paypess got $3000 in the sales before they were happy to reveal the truth.

Good Job Payless, now the people would be more skeptical about buying shoes. They would make sure that the shoes which they are buying are truthfully advertised. Normally this happens in the world, a lot of people often try to sell things with fake brand names. A few people go a step ahead and they label the inexpensive items with brands labels. This was a pretty good wakeup call from Payless.

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