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People Share the Most Popular Misconceptions about Their Jobs

Written by Logical Men

The feeling when someone does not understand your job is agonizing. Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult to make others understand the hardships of one’s job over and over again. But if every reader pays close attention to this post, they will never have to ask such questions ever again.

Few days ago, a Portland-based icon designer Louie Mantia posted a tweet, where he began a very informative thread, asking people, ‘What’s something that seems obvious within your profession, but the general public seems to misunderstand?

A lot of people quickly grabbed the chance to clear a lot of things about their professions. What makes it more special is people’s responses are hilarious and moreover informative.

He told a media outlet: “I was inspired to ask that question because I too have felt like there are misconceptions about what I do, Earlier that day, I posted about best practices in app icon design, and was met with a lot of pushback. I realized a lot of others probably feel the same way about their own jobs.

He said that he remember when he visited Buckingham Palace a few years back, there was an insane amount of people. The police officers had to continually keep their cool while telling different people to stay in a certain area. They couldn’t get mad at them because every time they had to say it was to a different person. He believes a lot of people can relate to that. People might have to repeat something to their customer, but that customer doesn’t have the knowledge or experience about the other side that often. They need a short explanation.

He claims there are many reasons why such misunderstandings are very common, but pop culture plays a major role. He told how hospital shows portray hospital jobs inaccurately. Law shows do the same. And any show that has ever shown someone pounding away at a keyboard has contributed to some incorrect views of hacking or programming. TV and movies can do a lot of damage in such matter.

Here are some of the best answers.

1 – Managers

This tweet shows the most popular dilemma. A person who might be good at doing a job is not always good at managing the people doing the same job.

2 – Programmers

Programmers are often given the task of solving hardware issues like troubleshooting printers and keyboards. It is widely mis understood that a person good at programming can solve hardware issues.

3 – Nurses

The job of nurses is sometimes misunderstood. Often nurses are shown differently in the entertainment industry. This creates a divide in the audience mind regarding the duty of the nurses.

4 – Librarians

This tweet explains the lower reading rate of books. Now people mostly find books through the internet or in the soft copy which is kind of decreasing the trend of book reading. Thus, the librarians do exist!

5 – Massage Therapy

It’s a general misconception about the massage therapists that they give a happy ending but professionally this is not a common norm. This tweet shares the same information.

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