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People share satisfying tales of revenge that are hilarious and sweet

Written by Wamiq Ali

It’s said that revenge has the sweetest joy. These people share their hilarious and sweet revenge stories on the internet.

10 – Bro Code Rule:

This guy came to know that the girl he was dating had a boyfriend already. So to make sure the other guy knew the reality, he left a note.

9 – Don’t make fun of nerds:

Nerds are smart and are often the trend making league of a nation. Don’t you dare make fun of some nerd! This revenge story says the same:

8 – Don’t park like stupids:

Make sure you know how to park between the lines. If you don’t know whether you’re parking correctly or not, then you may end up being like this guy.

7 – The garbage mail service:

First, don’t throw away your garbage on the streets. Even if you need to throw away garbage make sure that no one is looking at your face. Here in this picture, you can watch someone sent back the garbage to the rightful owner.

6 – Some neighbourly advice:

5 – Don’t be materialistic or Grandma knows what to do:

These guys wanted to get all the money in inheritance but grandma decided to make them learn a lesson.

4 – Locking animals in the car is worst practice:

Don’t lock away your animals in car whenever you are leaving for shopping. This might lead them to practise unusual behaviour like this dog adopted.

3 – Don’t make the wrong street gang mad:

Animal abuse is something which shouldn’t be taken lightly. This guy pissed off the wrong street gang and they knew what to do next.

2 – A billboard to get attention:

1 – Never piss off your wife:

If you are cheating on your wife then make sure you hide it well, otherwise, something horrible of nature can happen. The best thing is to never cheat on someone however if you’ve decided to be morally corrupt then…

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