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People share examples of how media can manipulate the truth

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Media has played quite an important role in the lives of the people. However, there are a few strong media groups which speak for specific people. It has been said that the 1% of the world is the most rich while the rest are just average. Internet is also a part of the media, with the advent of the 21st century the dissemination of the news through the internet has taken a pace. Many claim that internet can’t be a reliable source of getting the information. This can be particularly true after keeping in mind the freedom with which people can create content and share it with thousands, however it;s the liability of the readers to find the truth behind the news. This story and article is about the same thing.

These people show that media can be contagious

There can be another side of the story. The above picture actually tells the same. One shouldn’t just hear to the one side of the story and believe it as an ultimate truth. There can be more and this is what common sense seeks.

What’s outside the frame of the camera can sometimes be a total mystery. Look at this person, he knows his job and he understands the job of the media. Thus he is befitting for this role. Not everyone can do this with ease.

Cropping a picture can totally change the meaning of the situation. Something same is being shown using the above picture. Just like one side of story is not sufficient to know the things completely, in the same manner ignoring the rest of the picture can also be dangerous.

Sometimes the media coverage is not complete. This can also be done for sake of customised purposes. Such kind of news can sway people opinions regarding the sitting government. However, viewers using their common sense can understand the reality behind.

The above picture also shares something similar. It shows that one must keep in mind that there can be something else being left out in the story. In order to understand the complete story one can use common sense and get more details out of a limited situation.

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