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People raise questions for US healthcare system as this American boy gets hospital care in Taiwan for only $80

Healthcare is deemed as an important thing for any state which exercises its welfare powers to the people. The welfare fund means that the state doesn’t believe in merely a capitalist system and wants to give people their proper rights. Getting sick really hurts and state’s healthcare system promises to be there when someone gets ill. There are certain countries known in the world where the bill for emergency health services is quite a burden on the pocket of the receivers. Therefore, the people pray mostly not to get ill and they attempt to adopt a healthy lifestyle. A 25yo American is now making into the headlines because he got ill in Taiwan.

25yo American student Kevil Bozeat story has gone viral

This American guy got sick in Taiwan and had a U.S. healthcare insurance lapsed. He was not qualifying for the local insurance system of health in place. He felt quite bad when he was rushed to the hospital ER because he was having stomach pains with vomiting. He didn’t want to go to ER because he felt deep inside that something costly would happen to him because of the ER treatment. Kevin was later interviewed by BoredPanda who were interested in knowing his cause of the illness. He said that the last thing which he ate was KFC and after that within an hour he stared to have stomach cramps. He added that he had eaten some roast duck at a night market and he believed that this roast duck was the real culprit.

The kid in ER was diagnosed with a stomach virus which was causing him pain. He was worried because in the back of his mind he felt that he would be sent a bill of thousand dollars back at home.

The kid was admitted at NTU Hospital in Taiwan and he shared his story in his own words

The boy wrote on social media that he was having some vomiting the day earlier but he thought that taking some rest would end the ordeal. However, things didn’t turn out the way he thought, infact he kept on doing the vomit thing. There was one time when he couldn’t eat anything or even retain some water in his stomach because of the ailment. At around 3am he had severe stomach cramps and he had to seek some medical attention. He wanted to avoid this situation because he thought that the Taiwanese doctors wouldn’t be that english knowing individuals, also he feared the cost of the ER.

He further added that the bill for ER visit was merely $80 which he couldn’t imagine. He added that he was able to pay this bill amount without any further costs.

The post of Kevin has been shared around 200k times on Facebook. He was not expecting to get such overwhelming response from the social media. The post going viral means that almost every other person wants something on similar notes. There were varying degrees of comments on his post, what is your opinion about this matter?

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