These people left their dogs tied up to die in flood, this will break your heart

Houston, Texas is facing the worst flood, all thanks to Hurricane Harvey. This is an active Tropical Cyclone which is currently causing catastrophic flooding in southeastern Texas. Not all Hurricanes happened in American were of this severity but this is one of those major hurricanes to cause landfall in the United States. Harvey is also the strongest hurricane to hit after Carla which occurred in 1961.

Tropical cyclones are majorly known due to their low-pressure center and a high pressure surrounding area. This causes to travel them in a rotating structure, engulfing things coming in their way. Harvey took birth on August 17 with its intensity decreasing gradually before hitting Texas. Later, between 24-25 August, the storm regenerated and became a hurricane. On August 25 it made landfall near Texas at peak intensity. The storm has caused at least 9 confirmed deaths. 

People, unfortunately, are leaving their pets behind because of the catastrophic storm. The heartbreaking pictures of pet animals and dogs which are tied to a pole are circulating online. The owners are accused of leaving these pets behind tied up in the storm. Animal welfare departments are coming into the action. Texan officials have repeatedly announced to not leave any living animal tied up behind. However, despite the warnings and education, the Texans were found leaving behind the animals.

DailyMail reported online about the puppies being left behind during the storm.

An abandoned dog in Victoria, Texas

A cow struggling near Fulton, Texas

Chief Stephen Carlisle said, “I promise you, that I will hold anyone accountable that unlawfully restrains their dog in extreme weather conditions, Dogs are your family members too.”

Dog chained outside mobile home while owners seemingly not inside

There are more photos of such animals, however, we won’t spoil your day. You can read DailyMail post about the abandoned animals.

If any abandoned pet is found, then it’s your duty to send it to pet care authorities.

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