People demand Santa Clause to be female or gender neutral at least, finds survey

The modern world has civilisations which started because of the agriculture based economy. There are farmers which grow food and there are residents which consume, thus making people live in a fixed place. These civilisations carried some norms which with the passage of time became customs. Santa Clause is a figure which appears on Christmas and it has been primarily considered as a male. There was no dialogue on the gender of Santa Claus before, however a recent survey has unveiled the will of the common people. A company named Graphics Springs surveyed more than 400 people across US and UK. They asked them the ways to modernise Santa.

After this minuscule survey they learned that more people were needed to be asked the same question. They took a survey from 4,000 people on how they thought about the Santa as a person. Thus, according to ABC 13 these were the results:

  • 19 percent of the people said that Santa shouldn’t be male, it should be a female or a gender neutral identity
  • 70 percent said that Santa should remain male
  • More than 73 percent said that Santa should be younger, it didn’t need to drink beer. Also, Santa should go on a diet and reduce the weight

The company says that they had conducted the survey between the months of October and November. They have uploaded the details of the results on an excel sheet which can be viewed here. People responded to different ways through which they wanted to modernise the Santa. The survey shows that there are people who want to revolutionise the gender of Santa.

How many of the fans or readers want this to happen? Who wants that Santa should reduce the weight and must trim the beard? Is there anyone who feels that Santa is perfect and needs no changes?

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