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People can’t resist watching this woman EATING COTTON CANDY and CRUSHING her male opponent

If something that happened in China goes viral in the rest of the world, it means that it is really something amazing. China does not have the same internet as the rest of the world, it is “Intranet” in a sense. Most of the websites from outside China are blocked because they have a different political system. This is mainly because of the communist rule of the country.

A video from China went viral, in the video, a woman crushed her male opponent in cotton candy eating contest.

Mainly when this kind of competition starts, opponents try their best to eat before the other. They chew it and do whatever they can to finish first.

But the woman took a different approach, and it is pure eye-candy to watch (pun intended).

Her opponent can be seen chewing on it, while she shrank it down and made it disappear in a matter of seconds. The look on her opponent’s face was priceless.

The video clip came from a tv show called “I’m the winner” and it went viral initially on a Chinese social network called “Weibo”. Only on that site alone, it managed to gather 16 million views.

The woman seen in the video is 25-year-old and is a TV anchor An-Qi. She lives in Zhejiang, China.

She seems like a classy lady and knows how to have fun. She said that it was a split second decision and happened because of her strong and unwavering urge to beat her opponent.

People are praising her from around the world on different social media platforms.

She did not expect the video to go this viral and seems happy about all the positivity. She jokingly dared everyone not to test her competitive skills.

She also said that people ask her to eat cotton candy wherever she goes and that she intends to start exercising to burn out all of those extra sugary calories.

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