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People can’t believe this barber who shaved a triangle on Client’s head after watching ‘Paused Video’ as sample

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In west, people can take out their anger on the social media if they don’t receive a service at par with their perceived standards. They can also go to the yelp for venting out their anger. However, the story of China is a little different. Like many countries where government is ran by one party, things are quite controlled. They have their own social media and their own methods of communication. Thus giving an open review about many things isn’t just plain possible.

Unidentified man in China gets a ‘video play icon’ hair-cut

The poor guy visited a barber in order to get a hair cut. Now, normally people go and visit the barber with a lots of dreams and hopes in their mind. They want a revolutionary transformation. This poor man got so much of a transformation that he became famous on the internet. All around the internet, the photos of the play button haricut are going viral. The details about the identity of the man are not available however, all it came to knowledge was that the poor man showed barber a paused video of the sample hair design.

He didn’t know that barber would never play the video. Further, he lacked the required courage and confidence to stop the barber between the process. All he came to know about this haircut once the job was done.

The sample which was shown to the barber and he made the exact copy of the haircut.
The photo of the haircut has since then gone viral. This started to revolve on the internet with the name of ‘Play Button Haircut’ Poor lad had no idea that he was getting a play button haircut

People were quick to respond to this haircut blunder. They took it as a professional move saying that the barber was quite professional as he wasn’t ready to take anything other than than the provided design. One person commented, “Does that make him a player now?

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