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People called police to complain them about Facebook and Instagram outage

As the Guardian has made a recent headline bringing attention of people towards some other people who preferred to call police when Facebook went down, as Instagram and Whatsapp met the same fate. A lot of people in different parts of the world were not able to access their social media accounts. Many of them became sad because they couldn’t just give up on their habit of scrolling through the feed. It’s an interesting thing because in the near future grandchildren would definitely inquire their grandparents like how did they survive the Facebook outage, did they call the police or any emergency services.

People called emergency services to report the Facebook and social media outage

Amidst all the downtime, Sunrise a television channel issued a piblicn notification urging people not to contact people because of the downtime of the social media network. Just look at this news update which the same channel shared on the Twitter.

After watching this news update one can be sure that there are people who become worried if they don’t come across social media in all its frenzy. Twitter also saw a trend with people sharing news and their frustration with tags like #FacebookDown , #WhatsappDown and #TwitterDown. There were also a few celebrities who got worried that their Instagram audience would become worried if they wouldn’t update their recent news with them. Tommy Wiseau had update his status on Twitter and he wrote, “Facebook is down! Instagram is down! Welcome to my Twitter.” Soujla Boy decided to steal this opportunity and present a self-promoted application Soulja Boy App as he wrote that it was up and ready to be used.

What was this outage all about?

The outage happened for about eight hours and people all around the globe got much worried after they were not able to access their favourite network. This is by far the longest downtime since 2008. Facebook updated their status on the Twitter and claimed that the outage was not related to DDoS attack.

Were you also effected because of the downtime of Facebook?

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