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People blast YouTube prankster throwing ‘Fake Acid’ in others Face

Written by Wamiq Ali

People in this era will do everything to get some space into the viral content of the internet. Recently we all know what happened with Logan Paul, the guy who filmed a dead person in his video and mocked it during the recording, people started hating him instantly. YouTube, as a result, suspended his ad-account just because it’s also conscious of its image in front of major brands.

Such kind of insensitive videos do nothing except adding more to the modern pandemonium of the internet. The videos must be focused on something creative and should help people learn something new in the process of watching. The kids who are pedantic about most things, absorb a great deal of negativity from such videos.

A guy faces backlash for carrying out Fake Acid Throwing pranks in Public, yes you read it right. He wanted to go bigger and bigger in the viral realm of YouTube, thus he decided to throw fake acid on people. Come’on man, he could have done better!

22-year-old Arya Mosallah, throws water in face of people months after the acid attack spree in London. This is sick according to people when there can be a real possibility of such incidents depending on the past experience. There were several acid attacks committed in the capital which involved the perpetrators spraying corrosive substance on the victims face.

UK has quite a high number of acid attacks which are recorded in their department responsible for keeping the statistics. 

Acid Attack Backlash!

Around 400 assaults were merely recorded in a period of 6 months. “With the increasing number of acid attacks on the streets of London, this video is anything but funny,” writes a person in comments on YouTube

Another one wrote, “I would be terrified and think it was acid, especially walking around London, acid attacks are becoming more common I really don’t think it’s an idea people should be promoting and mocking, shame.

And the third one wrote, “People increasingly worried about acid attacks, and this guy is throwing liquid in complete strangers faces. Not funny in the slightest.” , “I’m honestly surprised you haven’t been arrested for assault. These are not funny. Absolutely sick,” – wrote the forth one!

The video of the guy throwing the water on people disguising it as acid has been removed and he has added a response video. Which we believe has been removed too!

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