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People blast ‘Sorority girl’ who goes on a “Racist Rant” on Instagram

Written by Wamiq Ali

Looks like it has become easier for teenagers to publish a rant on the social media. There are other outlets other than social media for leaving out bellicose opinions. Social Media is definitely a bad choice to push on a rant video especially when there are people from different race involved. Curbing down the rant completely is the best thing to do because peace is, after all, something we need in the entire world.

The University of Alabama came into notice in recent days when one of their students posted a racist rant on Instagram. She happened to be a member of Alpha Phi sorority. Student Harley Barber posted two videos on the social media the second of which was published on Monday, a holiday honouring Martin Luther King Jr.

First Video: She’s at a sink turning off the water, saying the N-word

In the first video released on the social media, she goes on with something like this, “We do not waste water…because of the poor people in Syria. We don’t waste water. I love how I act like I love black people because I (expletive) hate (n-word) so that’s really interesting but I just saved the (expletive) (n-word) by shutting that water off.

The second video released was a sort of response to the online backlash, she added something like this, “(N-word) (N-word) (N-word). I don’t care if it’s Martin Luther King Day. I’m in the south now (expletive) so everybody can (expletive) off. I’m from New Jersey so I can say (N-word) as much as I want.

Note: We are not embedding the video due to the sensitive nature of the topic, still you can find several mirrors on the Youtube. One of which is this don’t open it up if you don’t like profanity and racist language. Thought, a stripped censored version is embedded below:

Executive Director of Alpha Phi International Fraternity released a statement:

Since the actions of one of their members don’t describe the entire community but still the girl was a part of the sorority. The Executive Director of Alpha Phi has released a statement regarding the release of two rant videos, “Alpha Phi is a diverse, values-based organization and condemns the language and opinions in these videos. They are offensive and hateful to both our own members and to other members of the Greek and campus community. The Beta Mu chapter leadership and supporting alumnae moved quickly to address the offence, and Ms Barber is no longer a member of Alpha Phi.

The University of Alabama disowns their student:

The University of Alabama had nothing but to disown their very own student. They didn’t want to be affiliated to a person releasing viral rants on the internet while expressing herself with racist remarks. In a statement, the University wrote, “These remarks are ignorant and disturbing and in no way reflect the values of The University of Alabama. This unfortunate behaviour has been reported to the Office of Student Conduct as it does not align with the community expectations of students at the Capstone.

Damien Harris who is an American football running back for the Alabama Crimson Tide, shared this tweet!

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