People bet on how many lies Trump would tell, win more than $270,000

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Trump has become the centre of most political discussion since the time he took a hold of his office. This is true that Trump has entered into an era of personalised and national politics. He wants to implement America First policy in every sphere of American life. The decision like border wall, taking America out of the Iran deal and ending trade agreements with Mexico and Canada for signing new agreements, this is all about Trump. Once Trump got elected, agencies were of the view that Russia actually was behind the election meddling. The investigation in the matter of Russian election meddling continues.

President addresses nation from the Oval Office on Tuesday night

BuzzFeed News had reported that President Donald Trump was about to give an address to the nation in the Oval office. Meanwhile people bet that President would tell more than 3.5 lies, this bet was to win money of around $276,424. This bet was offered by and it allowed the users to guess the amount of times President would tell a lie.

The website was checking the truth-fullness of the data using the Washington Post’s fact-checking live blog. This was being used as the judge of the president’s truthfulness and reality of the statements. The Fact checker found that president Trump had given wrong statements regarding six items. This was about immigration and US-Mexico border during the speech. offered odds of -145 for more than 3.5 lies and +115 for fewer than 3.5 lies. This clearly mean that if a person used $145 on Trump telling four or more lies he would have been winning an additional $100. Now, this isn’t quite much of a welcoming game, but still for the purpose of news, this was strange. The biggest amounts on Trump lying were $25,000, $20,000 and $15,000 which meant that people were ready to bet that Trump would lie. Lester, a spokesperson for said that around 90% of the people thought that Trump would make false statements.

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