People are worried about McGregor after a shady Instagram post

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Fans are a little worried about McGregor after he uploaded a video on the Instagram. They are concerned if the mental health of McGregor is fine. A recent upload on the Instagram went viral which was shared by the McGregor. The video features a shirtless McGregor who was winking away and laughing.

McGregor in the video stands in the washroom while he chuckles. He can be heard saying, “Fresh. You the man, You the mann!” and he impersonates the accent of an American man. McGregor got amused by his antics and after realising he started to laugh even more. He then started to spin the camera around to give an impression for fans as if he was complimenting himself. There were other fans surrounding McGregor, they too were giggling while circling him in ecstasy. They were praising McGregor for his skills of MMA. They called him a Hero and Real Man. But, there was a group of people which was too worried about him to join him in the jokes.


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He pointed towards the mirror while calling himself the man. Some people alleged that his defeat to Khabib actually sent him to some kind of shock. There was also a group who accused him of intoxication. One person frowned, “Feeling sorry for you mate.

However, there was also a faction of people who said that McGregor was in total control of himself. He was actually having fun and living his life. They said that the compliments of McGregor for his own self were justified and right. One person commented, “Why does everyone think that McGregor has lost his mind? Man, he’s just enjoying his life.


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Some giggle off that Cherry Pick Kush ?

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This self-praising post appeared to be on the same day when McGregor called out One Championship CEO because he had dismantled UFC flyweight division. McGregor obviously didn’t want UFC’s division of Flyweight to get dissolved.

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