People are sharing a fake picture of a Parkland Survivor tearing up The Constitution

Emma González became the face of #NeverAgain movement, she is a survivor of the Parkland, Florida, school shooting. She is considered to be a strong leader of the movement. Her ‘I call BS’ speech was very effective in making awareness and it went viral.

This Saturday at the event of ‘March for Our Lives’ in Washington, DC, she stood in silence for minutes, comparing the silent time with the time in which the whole shooting took place.

But as she was engaged in this the movement, a fake Gif and a photo of her went viral on the internet which showed Emma González tearing the constitution of the United States apart. This was shared by verified accounts as well.

This fake photo and gif were doctored from the cover story of Teen Vogue regarding the March for Our Lives student activists.

In the original gif Emma González was tearing the shooting target apart and the United States Constitution.

It’s disgusting that people can go to such lengths to demean struggle kids who survived a shooting.

The reality

This was made to show that the kids have no regard for the constitution whatsoever. The general perception that is being taken away from the movement is that people are demanding the abolishment of ‘the second amendment’.

But that’s not the case, almost everyone is demanding for gun law reforms. They want strict laws, and the reason being that the mentally deranged people who intend to cause harm are unable to get weapons so easily.

Some people just become blind in hate and do very disturbing and disgusting things. It’s one thing to disagree with anyone but to go to such lengths and do something like this is a whole new level of stupidity. For those of you who don’t know what bullying is, this is a form of it. ADULTS are the bullies here.

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