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People are getting ‘Cash me Outside’ girl TATTOO to show their RESPECT

Remember that ‘Cash Me Ousside, How Bow Dah’ girl? Yeah! People are still obsessed with Danielle Bergoli. Just in case you don’t know who she is – trusts me you are blessed if you don’t know her – she appeared on The Dr Phil Show and went viral because of her infamous behaviour in December.

She handled her virality pretty well if you think about it, she stayed in the news for one thing or another. She has 13 million followers on her Instagram, she has released many singles that are considered a hit and her fame only seems to be increasing day by day.

The popular phrase ‘Cash Me Ousside, How Bow That’ got turned into a meme, and many iterations of the phrase in different memes were seen on all over social media, especially in the r/dankmemes subreddit.

It goes without saying that someone must have taken the meme to a next level and tattooed the new celebrity on their body. A Twitter user took a screenshot from Instagram and shared it with the world with the caption: ‘IF U WOKE UP SAD MAD DEPRESSED OR BROKE TODAY JUST KNOW SOMEONE TOOK THIS FOR LIFE SO IT IS NOT TOO LATE FOR U TO TURN IT AROUND.

Who would love this tattoo?

Getting a meme tattoo is not a new thing – believe it or not it’s a trend – but this is the first time someone painted themselves permanently with a girl who is underage and a rebel.

On the other hand, she deserves the credit for handling her virality in a way that made her last in the public’s eye. She has turned into a celebrity and has a genuine fanbase of her own. I personally believe people should not judge a girl still in her teen about her immature actions. We can only hope that her fame doesn’t consume her the way it has many other young stars.

Well, these instances of tattoos went viral on the internet. The people could not just admit that someone has got a tattoo to show love for Daniel Bregoli. The trend might escalate soon and the new generation might actually fall in love with “Cash me outside” girl.

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