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People angry over zoo administration which fed a live donkey to the Tigers for ending a dispute

Written by Wamiq Ali

Animals can’t talk like men and they can express their concern. This poor donkey was fed to the tigers by an angry shareholder of zoo management and he also made sure that the visitors saw the donkey striving to save its life.

Donkey Fed to Tigers at a Zoo in China

The Tigers were kept in an enclosure and their natural instinct is to prey on animals. Though these tigers were quite slow to eat up the donkey all because of a non-natural jungle environment provided to them for their whole life. They say the skills of a person get rusty if he doesn’t apply them for a long time. The same was the case with the Tigers but still, poor donkey lost its life as you will see in the shocking video.

Workers of Shareholder throwing donkey in Tigers’ Enclosure

The tourists visiting this Chinese zoo were also made to see the whole scene. A lot of people were in shock as they couldn’t bear the pain of the donkey. I know that tigers eat flesh but still making visitors watch something cruel is beyond humanity. They saw some workers throwing a donkey in the tigers’ enclosure. The donkey at first couldn’t understand the reason of all the hassle but soon after the Tigers attacked the poor creature it tried to save himself but then it was too late.

Guards of the zoo possibly trying to argue

The zoo management later told media that they hadn’t a say in the whole thing. It was actually a pissed off share holder who did all this to create a scene out of nothing. He wasn’t happy with certain zoo policies and thus he created the whole drama with the help of his workers. 

Yancheng Safari Park, Yancheng city, Jiangsu province where this happened!

This incident took place on 5 June 2017 in front of the stunned visitors who came to have a wildlife taste at the Chinese zoo.

What a terrible thing to do, watch the video and start believing yourself. Don’t watch it if you’ve a weak heart and you feel like you won’t like animal cruelty. Viewers discretion is advised. If you’re asked to sign in at youtube before watching this video, then you must as uploader has kept an 18+ age limit for this video.

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  • they fucking eat dogs and cats in China…..why would this surprise or shock anyone….IT happened in China…..where dad would throw his baby daughter in the river,,,,,cause females were worthless…..

  • really friggin sick, especially with people out just enjoying a day at the “zoo”. Nobody wants to see that kind of stuff especially if they brought their kids. That was the worst possible family day out I could imagine.

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