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People are already dropping their iPhone X’s & we can’t look away

The iPhone X is a new flagship phone of Apple and quite a lot of new features have been introduced. These new features might not be revolutionary in nature because of the pre Introduction by Apple’s competitor Samsung but still, they mean a lot to the Apple fans. The smartphones are quite delicate despite progress being made in the manufacturing material. Several websites are criticizing the iPhone X because of the failed drop test.

So here we are talking about people accidentally breaking the screens of the iPhone which is quite common. Ever heard of smartphone getting shattered from the back side? We, unfortunately, iPhone X can break from the back side where rear camera is located. As you know that a lot of internet reviewers go with the water test and drop test so as soon as the iPhone X got launched publicly these reviewers conducted some drop test in order to check the strength.

There are some unfortunate people who got their screen and rare side shattered of the all-new iPhone X just after the purchase. Breaking some part of a $1000+ smartphone? well, that can be a serious problem. Getting the rare side mirror changed for an iPhone X can cost more than $250.

This poor guy got his iPhone and after some time made the above tweet. The tweet has an attached picture which shows a broken iPhone. You can search Twitter for some broken iPhone X which couldn’t bear the fall or the accident.

One might wonder that up to which force or impact power an iPhone X breaks off? Well, don’t go anywhere, this guy did some drop tests for us so that we may know the resilience of the Apple’s new flagship phone.

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