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Penn teaching assistant under fire for announcing to prefer black women students on white students

Written by Wamiq Ali

One should be careful while dealing with people of different races because at any moment due to the difference in culture or other values one can get accused of racism. This university teaching assistant made a mistake and that is going to cost her a lot. So a University of Pennsylvania teaching assistant tweeted that she would call on white men last when doing student participation. The tweet instantly went viral and people started talking about her in hate. It is worth mentioning that Stephanie McKellop is a PhD student who is studying marriage and family. She said that she that in order to encourage the classroom participation by minority students.

The classroom has about hundred undergraduate students among which 50 of them are white. We’re dealing with the intersection of races and gender here. Also, I’d like to ask you an out of the topic question!

“If you are in the place of this teaching assistant then which student do you call on first to speak over there perspective and notions? Just save the answer in your head and keep on reading this news.”

On October 16 McKellop tweeted from her public Twitter account which has now been made private. She said that she will always call on her black women students first, then obviously the white woman and if she has to then there will come the white man.

People started to accuse of being anti-white. But there are other university professors who sent letters regarding this teaching assistant. They told the administration that they shouldn’t sacrifice this Pennsylvania graduate student in response to the white Nationalist Twitter rage. McKellop posted on Twitter that Pennsylvania University has prevented her from attending lectures with the students and cancelled all the classes this week. It is a good news that she hasn’t been fired yet and that the administration is trying to find the solution to this matter. “Hi Friends, the University of Pennsylvania is issuing a press release condemning me and my teaching practices. It comes out tomorrow,” – wrote McKellop.

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