Peaky Blinders Season 5 to air on Sunday 25th of August

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Your favourite Peaky Blinders show is going to enter in its fifth season, and the first episode of the most awaited season would be released on 25th of August. The fans were eagerly waiting for the next season of the Peaky Blinders as the show entered into a new era and new plot. The lead role has to reinvigorate his strength and he has to find a way out of the situation which has attempted to capitulate him.

The season since its first episode has won the hearts of the audience. There are a few seasons in this category which come at par with the Peaky Blinders. The first episode of the fifth season would be aired on television on 25th of August, 2019. It’s a happy news for the fans who had been waiting for the new season with all the enthusiasm.

The last show when aired featured the most powerful family of the Birmingham, the Shelbys, in some trouble as they had managed to fight off the Sicilian mafia and their patriarch Tommy gets to become a Member of Parliament in Birmingham South. The entry of the Shelbys into the politics became a need of the time, as Tommy always attempts to find some innovate ways to get out his way towards power and wealth.

The new season would focus on the political journey of the Shelbys. There is also one thing which fans would witness in the season 5, the world thrown into an economic turmoil i-e the great depression of 1929. The fifth season would show opportunity and misfortune everywhere.

BBC has released a teaser trailer of the fifth season. The teaser ends with a dialogue, “Sometimes death is a kindness.” Have a look at the teaser as released by BBC a couple of days back.

The trailer is signalling that the life of the Shelbys in the politics is not going to be an easy bet. Tommy would have to take some bold decisions and his family members would be effected by those decision, but ultimately things would get in the line.

Fifth season is particularly important, because in the 30s of the last century, many countries around the world were experiencing some nationalistic and fascist tendencies. The show would show the interaction of Thomas with those tendencies, like whether he would capitulate to the desire of the politicians or if he would make his own way in the end. These are the questions which only the show would tell once it gets released. The season is finally here, as seven months back we had published a news that the fifth season was finished getting filmed.

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