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Patient gets wrongly diagnosed with cancer cos of 40yo inhaled “Toy Traffic Cone” in his Lungs

Written by Wamiq Ali

A poor patient gets wrongly diagnosed with lung cancer as he had accidentally inhaled a toy traffic cone. This toy traffic cone had travelled deep to his lungs and caused a misdiagnosis of lung cancer. It was thought that 47yo man from Preston had cancer lump inside his lungs.

Doctors referred him to the respiratory clinic because he was coughing up yellow mucus on regular intervals. He was suffering from this mucus condition for over a year. The man was feeling quite unwell for over a period of years.

The patient was suffering from pneumonia and doctors thought that the guy could have some lungs complication. The guy was a chain smoker. So, they did an x-ray at the laboratory and found a tumour inside his lungs.

The guy got terrified after the diagnosis of cancer. As another safe step in diagnosis the doctors carried out bronchoscopy and it was then revealed that there was some foreign object in the lungs. The foreign object was a 40-year-old toy traffic cone which the patient had inhaled on his 7th birthday.

The plastic cone was around 1cm in length. It was removed through biopsy forceps. Doctors found that patient had a precocious history of swallowing toys. The man had reportedly swallowed pieces of Playmobil when he was a child.

It’s quite common for children to inhale external objects but a case where the symptoms appeared so long after the inhalation is quite rare. It took 40 years for the guy to feel so unwell to appear before doctors. The reason can be the childhood inhalation of the object which helped the body to get evolved around the foreign object.

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