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Pastor didn’t open megachurch for Hurricane Harvey victims, shuts them out and Twitter loses over it!

Written by Wamiq Ali

Texas Pastor faces online backlash for shutting down doors to the Hurricane Harvey victims. He got accused of not opening the doors of his megachurch to help the victims.

The Christian Lakewood Church is known to everyone and it has a capacity of around 16000. The church is located in Houston and has been criticized online for not providing support to the victims. Many people are offended online and thinking why didn’t @JoelOsteen open a 16k seat mega church. Someone said on Twitter, “If you were real Christian, you’d be opening your doors to your displaced neighbors.”

@KennethWReid running a verified account said, “How are you guys helping the storm victims in Texas right now?”

@pastorlocke posted on Twitter condemning the action of the pastor, “Joel Osteen, as a Pastor you have a huge obligation to show the love of Christ at this very moment. OPEN THE DOORS. #HoustonStrong”

The church also released a statement regarding the allegations. The management said that the church was initially unavailable because of the heavy flooding. However, another user on Twitter posted the photos of the church accusing them of the lie. @cmclymer posted the photos saying there was no flood near the church and around 20 cars were parked. 

Pastor openly opposed the criticism and said that the management never closed their doors for the people in need. He said that they’ll always serve as a distribution center for the people in need. He said, “We are prepared to house people once shelters reach capacity. Lakewood will be valuable to the community in the aftermath of this storm in helping out fellow citizens rebuild their lives.”

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