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Passenger drags man suffering seizures off train to avoid getting late

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The world has turned into a global village. Anything happening in the far of parts of the world gets conveyed to the other part in no time. Thanks to the internet, the stupid behaviour of a man got exposed who dragged off a patient getting seizures from the metro. This seems quite awkward to hear imagine the pain which others passengers could have felt on watching the incident with their eyes. However, according to the video, looks like no one stood up for the guy who was obviously suffering.

The video shows a passenger dragging off an unconscious man from the train on the Wednesday night. The only reason he carried out the act was to avoid getting late. According to the other passengers, the paramedics were called but the man had to reach somewhere earlier thus he decided to drag off the guy instead.

The place of the incident was Wardlow Station in Long Beach. One of the public cameras caught the entire incident and the footage got uploaded on the internet. It went viral instantly as none of the viewers could accept the behaviour which passenger did with the man having seizures.

The incident was reported by Fox 11 on Thursday. An eyewitness reported the entire incident to the Fox 11. According to him,

Dude just had a seizure, and this white boy gonna drag him off the train so he don’t miss his ride.

Billion, the guy who saw the incident, told Fox 11 that the guy was having seizures. He had thrown up on the train before the suffering. There was a medical wristband on the wrist of the guy. There were medical staples on the head of the guy. It felt as if he had been discharged from the hospital recently.

Billion further told the media that a man in a suit came and started to drag the guy out of the train. The video also shows that the pants of the unconscious man couldn’t get a hold of his body, those were dragging off. Rest, the video can clearly show:

Video credits: KTVU News

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