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Parents tied & hung baby in a laundry bag & posted funny pictures on Snapchat

Written by Wamiq Ali

Claremore, Oklahoma – A couple was arrested on charges of child abuse after they hung down their child tied up in the laundry bag. A police officer viewed the disturbing snap on a Social Media application, Snapchat and decided to pay a visit to the family.

The police officer called the authorities after his girlfriend watched the disturbing Snapchat featuring a kid tied up in laundry bag hung from a doorknob. The officer’s girlfriend had received the image through Snapchat.

The authorities tracked down the source of the image and paid a visit to their home.

The picture showed a baby in a mesh laundry bag that was tied up in a knot. It could be seen hanging from a door handle.

The bad part was the funny captions of the kid. The parents are supposed to provide security and love to their kids in order to make them self-confident. This couple did opposite and it was a horrible thing to do in reality.

“That’s horrible. I mean that’s your baby, you’re supposed to love and take care of your kids,” resident and parent Ronna Melton said. (reported by newson6)

The father admitted to placing the 9-month old baby inside the bag and later hanging the baby from the door’s knob. According to the Police, the child abuse is not limited to getting your kid battered and bruised instead it’s also about putting him in a dangerous condition.

Paul Chuckluck and Johnnie Gaghins were arrested on the basis of child abuse for hanging their child tied up in a laundry bag.

The court documents say that it was the mother who took the funny snaps of her kid and later posted it on the Snapchat. According to the father’s statement, he wasn’t aware that the mother had posted the baby pictures on the Snapchat. Looks like both are going to fight after getting released from the jail.

Well, it feels quite bad to learn about such incidents. Babies are not like laundry to be kept inside a laundry bag. Children are supposed to be loved instead of putting them through torture. It’s not a funny incident rather a tragic one.

The residents of the area believe that the parents should be held accountable for their actions and in addition to it, they must serve the maximum possible jail time.

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